Off-Campus Study

Gender & sexuality studies majors and concentrators have participated in several overseas programs in Europe, Africa, India, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about off-campus study in the department handbook (PDF).

This prize, established in 1989 and renamed in 2000 to honor the memory of Molly Hatcher, is awarded annually for the best work done during the previous calendar year by a current Kenyon student in which gender is a central theme. 

The work may take any form including, but not limited to, essay, composition, artwork, performance or scientific study.

Submissions, which need not have been created for a class, should be accompanied by a letter explaining the work's origins and intent. In the case of the creative and performing arts, an interrelated body of work may count as a single submission. Electronic submissions are preferred. The prize carries a cash prize of $100 and the winner's name is engraved on a plaque.

2023: Lucy Adams

2022: Sydney C. Zimmerman

2021: Virginia Kane

2020: Claire McPartland

2018: Lauren Wheeler

2017: Wilson Captein

2016: Joseph Nathan Durham

2015: Christine Prevas

2014: Allyson Young

2013: Rebecca Chowdhury

2012: Nina Castelli

2011: Christine Ann Bonomo

2010: Meghan Henshall

2009: Kara Stiles

2008: Emma Perry, Roxanne Smith

2007: Kaelin Alexander

2006: Jonathan A. Stein

2005: Angela Lynn Arahood

2004: Taryn Alyssa Myers

2003: Liesl S. Kuhr, Elena M. Rue

2002: Elanna M. Anagnos, Jessica Lee Bellama

2001: Erica M. Carroll

2000: Sarah Belanger, Abby Brethauer, Sarah Bumstead, Caitlin Chun-Kennedy, Molly Hatcher, Ann Herbert, Peter Hurteau, Shannon Johnson, Meredith Jossi, Abby Mitchell, Elizabeth Ray, Laura Shults, Luke Singer

199: Pam Maslen

1998: Kate Masley

1997: Sarah K. Bearman

1996: Lisa Kindleberger, Laura Noah

1995: Dana Warn

1994: Jennifer Fishman, Merrill Zack

1993: Carrie Comer

1992: Kathryn P. Evans, Carol A. Mason

1991: Catherine E. Fellowes, Kimberly A. Puhala

1990: John Grant, Amy Lanz

1989: Jennifer E. Pearce