A liberal arts education prepares you for the challenges of a changing and unpredictable world, equipping you with the skills to communicate, debate, solve problems and think critically. Here's a sampling of careers paths for biochemistry and molecular biology majors.

First Jobs

  • Associate research specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison AIDS Vaccine Research Lab
  • Project manager, Epic Systems, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Virology lab research assistant, The Ohio State University
  • Medical assistant at an OB-GYN, Austin, Texas
  • Research technician, Merck and Company, North Wales, Pennsylvania
  • Bird researcher, Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica
  • Researcher, National Institute of Environmental Health Science (Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award recipient)
  • Researcher, Genomic Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic
  • Medical scribe, iScribe MD, Kalamazoo, Michigan


  • Neurosurgeon, Goodman Campbell Brain & Spine, Indianapolis
  • Psychiatrist, Michigan State University
  • Ophthalmologist, Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Financial analyst, Fidelity Investments
  • Chief technology officer, Technium, Westerville, Ohio
  • Bilingual service coordinator, Rocky Mountain Human Services, Indianapolis
  • Analytical chemist, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis
  • Associate veterinarian, Ballston Animal Hospital, Davidson, North Carolina
  • Senior scientist, Pfizer
  • Dentist, Albany, Oregon
  • Molecular biologist, USDA
  • Oncologist, University of Colorado School of Medicine