Profession Extension Projects (PEPs) are project-based learning opportunities designed and offered by Kenyon alumni and parents to emulate real-world work. Each project allows students to develop key skills and insights into an industry while receiving valuable coaching and feedback from Kenyon professionals with expertise in the field.

Profession Extension Projects are:

  • Accessible: Each PEP is a discrete project, approximately 5 – 40 hours in duration, that students can complete remotely, year-round with commonly available software and equipment. There is no limit to the number of PEPs a student can complete.
  • Hands-on: PEPs are practical, in-depth experiences tailor-made by dedicated mentors to emulate real-world projects from their career fields.

  • Developmental: PEPs allow students to apply skills developed at Kenyon to projects that will enhance their professional profiles while gleaning insights into a career field.

  • Experience: Projects can be added to resumes or help build portfolios. Participants may also receive LinkedIn recommendations from PEP mentors.

The Process

  • Review available Professional Extension Projects and apply for them via the PEP resource page on Handshake
  • The CDO will send your application materials to the PEP mentor to review it for fit, availability, and desired learning outcomes.
  • If selected, you will be connected with the PEP mentor via email introduction and asked to schedule an introductory call to discuss project timelines and expectations.
  • You will then complete the project and share the result with your mentor.
  • Finally, you'll reconnect with your mentor once more to debrief the experience, gather feedback on your work, discuss the relevance of the project to the industry, and brainstorm how to describe the project to a prospective employer. You can also consult with the CDO when adding the PEP to your resume.
  • You can request a LinkedIn recommendation from your mentor to enhance the description of the PEP on your LinkedIn profile. 
  • After your final meeting with your PEP mentor, the CDO will send you a short survey to collect your feedback about the experience.

"This experience has completely changed the trajectory of my life and professional aspirations. I feel like I am so much better equipped to navigate my career post-graduation." 

Mia Sherin
Class of 2022