The Office of National Fellowships & Scholarships assists students who wish to apply for awards that require an institutional endorsement. These award opportunities are organized below by area of interestyear eligible, and awards not requiring U.S. citizenship. The award links provide an overview of the award, eligibility information, application requirements, deadlines and a link to the award website.

Not sure where to start? Begin the process by reviewing the fellowships you are interested in and find the one or two that are a good fit for you. Do you meet their qualifications and expectations? Does the award further your own goals? Contact Dean Hawks if you'd like help figuring out which fellowship is best for you.

Each award has at least one faculty member who specializes in that fellowship. Connect with this fellowship liaison for guidance and feedback through the application process. Also, consider reaching out to a faculty mentor who is willing to work with you on your application and provide feedback as well. 

Be aware of all deadlines; the internal campus deadline and external award deadline. Your application materials and letters of recommendation must be submitted by the internal deadline. Kenyon's scholarship committee will review completed applications, interview candidates and determine who will represent Kenyon in the national competition.

At any point you need help, or are unsure what to do, please be in touch with Dean Hawks.  For additional opportunities not requiring a college nomination, visit Kenyon’s Career Development Office.

Awards not requiring U.S. citizenship

Please contact Dean Hawks, Director of National Fellowships & Scholarships, to discuss awards you may be interested in and eligible for beyond the available scholarships listed here, as well as details concerning eligibility for the following: Carnegie Endowment for International PeaceGates Cambridge ScholarshipRhodes ScholarshipSchwarzman ScholarsMorris K. Udall Scholarship.

Areas of Interest

View scholarships based on your area of interest.

Contact Dean Hawks at, 740-427-5145 or make an appointment.