Advising Information for Faculty

The Faculty Advising Award recognizes and rewards the commitment, dedication and energy that faculty devote to academic advising — formally and informally, within and outside their departments, within and outside their classrooms.

Each year, the award is given to one faculty member. To nominate an eligible faculty member, students provide a 250-word paragraph describing how the faculty member has provided guidance in any academically-related capacity (i.e., not as an advisor to student organizations), including but not limited to: first-year advising, advising prior to major declaration, major advising and advising during and after course-taking.

A call for nominations is sent out to students in mid-April and the deadline for nominations is in mid-May before the spring semester closes. A committee of faculty and administrators review the nominations over the summer and the winner is announced at Founders’ Day in October.


2023: Siobhan Fennessy, Professor of Biology; Philip and Shelia Jordan Professor of Environmental Studies

2022: John Hofferberth, Professor of Chemistry

2021: Carol Schumacher, Professor of Mathematics

2020: James Keller, Professor of Chemistry

2019: Deborah Laycock, Associate Professor of English

2018: Wendy Singer, Roy T. Wortman Distinguished Professor of History

2017: Sarah J. Heidt, Associate Professor of English

2016: Edward Schortman, J. Kenneth Smail Professor of Anthropology

2015: Karen Hicks, Associate Professor of Biology

2023 Faculty Advising Opening Meeting: Friday, Aug. 18, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., Oden Auditorium


Faculty Advising Meeting - Tom Hawks

Registrar Presentation - Ellen Harbourt

Advising and Rigor as Inclusive Practices - Ted Mason

2023 Title IX/Civil Rights Presentation: Friday, Aug. 18, 1 - 2:30 p.m., Oden Auditorium

2023 Group Advising: Sunday, Aug. 20 — View location, Orientation Leader

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As you work with advisees to plan their next steps, there are many factors to consider.

More about enrollment considerations.

Learn more about how the Office of Academic Advising assists students in writing their Kenyon story and about expectations for advisors and advisees.

View the advising syllabus.

Progress reports are academic reports that are mission-critical in helping our students gauge when they might be in trouble (and how much trouble) during the semester, so they can reach out to you, their faculty advisors and the Advising Office, as well as any number of campus resources that might contribute to their academic success (e.g. SASS, MSSC, Writing Center). More About Progress Reports

Progress Reports can be filed electronically:

• Progress Reports (via Remote Access)

• Progress Reports (on campus or via VPN)

As soon as students are placed on conditional enrollment (CE) following poor academic performance (below 2.00 term GPA) in a particular semester or for academic conduct reasons, they are apprised of their CE status, along with their faculty advisor(s), their athletic coach(es) (if applicable), and key administrators and support staff across campus (from Academic Advising to the Registrar, the Dean of Student Development, and Student Accessibility and Support Services). 

Conditional Enrollment Overview

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Faculty often ask for additional resources with regard to working with students in classes, supporting students academically and non-academically, and guiding students through the twists and turns of college life. As such, the Advising Office has established an advising resource library for faculty.