Established in 1999 - 2000 by the College's Board of Trustees, the annual awards recognize and reward two members of the Kenyon faculty for exemplary teaching informed by creative scholarship.

The Senior Award is awarded to a tenured level faculty member who has been teaching at Kenyon for at least ten years. The Junior Award is for either a tenured or tenure track faculty member who is in his or her first ten years at Kenyon. The awards, which carry $5,000 stipends, are intended to promote excellence by providing increased visibility for the College's most talented teacher-scholars.

Make a nomination for the awards by Friday, Nov. 5, 2021.

Nominations are made in the fall using the online nomination form and are submitted directly to the Office of the Provost. Winners will be announced at the Honors Day ceremony in the spring. All faculty members and students are encouraged to submit nominations for the awards. Letters of nomination, which will be reviewed by the president, provost, and associate provosts, need not be lengthy. They should, however, provide relevant detail in the form of anecdotes, data, examples, and testimony about the qualifications and strengths of a nominee. The reviewers will look for evidence of the capacity of a nominee's teaching to make a difference in students' lives.

The president, provost, and associate provosts will choose three finalists from each of the senior and junior faculty pools and forward their recommendations to the Curriculum and Faculty Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will make its final choice in February.

2020 - 2021 Trustee Teaching Award

Senior Award: Steve Van Holde, Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Junior Award: Erin Leatherman, Assistant Professor of Statistics

2019 - 2020 Trustee Teaching Award

Senior Award: H. Abbie Erler, Associate Professor of Political Science
Junior Award: Patrick Bottiger, Associate Professor of History

2018 - 2019 Trustee Teaching Award

Senior Award: Bob Milnikel, Professor of Mathematics
Junior Award: Austin Porter, Assistant Professor of Art History & American Studies

2017 - 2018 Trustee Teaching Award

Senior Award: Karen Hicks, Associate Professor of Biology
Junior Award: James McGavran, Assistant Professor of Russian


Junior: Kimberly McMullen

Senior: Dorothy Jegla


Junior: Ellen Furlough

Senior: Harry Clor


Junior: David Harrington

Senior: Owen York


Junior: Benjamin Locke

Senior: Perry Lentz


Junior: Timothy Shutt

Senior: Linda Metzler


Junior: Juan DePascuale

Senior: Royal Rhodes


Junior: Harry Itagaki

Senior: Margaret Patton


Junior: Brad Hartlaub

Senior: Don Rogan


Junior: Rosemary Marusak

Senior: William McCulloh


Junior: Michael Brint

Senior: Pamela Jensen


Junior: Scott Cummings

Senior: Fred Baumann

1999 - 2000


Senior: Roy T. Wortman, Professor of History


Junior: Carolin Hahnemann, Assistant Professor of Classics


2000 - 2001


Senior: Reed S. Browning, Professor of History


Junior: Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky, Associate Professor of English


2001 - 2002


Senior: Linda M. Smolak, Professor of Psychology


Junior: Christopher M. Gillen, Assistant Professor of Biology


2002 - 2003


Senior: Michael P. Levine, Professor of Psychology


Junior: Judy A. Holdener, Assistant Professor of Mathematics


2003 - 2004


Senior: Peter Rutkoff, Professor of American Studies


Junior: Jonathan Tazewell, Associate Professor of Drama


2004 - 2005


Senior: Carol Schumacher, Professor of Mathematics


Junior: Natalia Olshanskaya, Associate Professor of Russian


2005 - 2006


Senior: Theodore O. Mason, Professor of English


Junior: Wade H. Powell, Assistant Professor of Biology


2006 - 2007


Senior: Thomas S. Turgeon, Professor of Drama


Junior: Adam C. Serfass, Assistant Professor of Classics


2007 - 2008


Senior: David Suggs, Professor of Anthropology


Junior: Glenn McNair, Assistant Professor of History


2008 - 2009


Senior: Perry Lentz, Charles P. McIlvaine Professor of English


Junior: Robert Mauck, Associate Professor of Biology


2009 - 2010


Senior: Sarah Murnen, Professor of Psychology


Junior: Sarah Heidt, Assistant Professor of English


2010 - 2011


Senior: Pamela Camerra -Rowe, Associate Professor of Political Science


Junior: Ivonne Garcia, Assistant Professor of English


2011 - 2012


Senior: Jianhua Bai, Professor of Chinese


Junior: Jaret Treber, Associate Professor of Economics


2012 - 2013


Senior: Pamela Jensen, Professor of Political Science


Junior: John Hofferberth, Associate Professor of Chemistry


2013 - 2014


Senior: Katherine Elkins, Associate Professor of

Comparative Literature and Humanities


Junior: Zoë Kontes, Associate Professor of Classics


2014 - 2015


Senior: Jay Corrigan, Professor of Economics


Junior: Irene López, Associate Professor of Psychology


2015 - 2016


Senior: Paula Turner, Professor of Physics


Junior: Pashmina Murthy, Assistant Professor of English


2016 - 2017


Senior: Clara Román-Odio, Professor of Spanish


Junior: Jacqueline McAllister, Assistant Professor of Political Science