Kenyon College, a highly selective, nationally ranked liberal arts college in central Ohio, where academic excellence goes hand in hand with a strong sense of community, invites applications for a Teacher-Scholar Fellowship in the sciences, beginning July 2024. 

This fellowship is in the Natural Science Division of the College. It is for recent Ph.D.s interested in pursuing a college or university teaching career in the sciences. 

Applications will be reviewed until the position has been filled. Scroll to learn more about the fellowship and follow the link below to apply now.

Eligibility to apply for the Kenyon Teacher-Scholar Fellowship is limited to those meeting all of the following four criteria who are citizens or nationals of the United States or otherwise "protected individuals" as defined in 8 USC 1324b(a)(3)(B).

1. Members of underrepresented groups (e.g., ethnic minorities; women in fields that attract mostly men, or men in fields that attract mostly women; persons who are first-generation college attendees).

2. Individuals who have completed a research-based Ph.D. program in one of the following fields: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, mathematics, physics, psychology, neuroscience, or related fields. 

3. Individuals who aspire to a teaching and research career in the sciences. 

4. Persons who have earned a doctoral degree in a relevant field.

Note: Holders of F-1 visas are ineligible for this fellowship.

The participating departments and programs are:

• Biology

• Chemistry

• Mathematics and Statistics 

• Neuroscience

• Physics

• Psychology

The following interdisciplinary programs are also participating in the fellowship. Fellows in those programs will be hosted in one of the departments listed above. 

• Biochemistry

• Environmental Science

• Molecular Biology

View a list of current faculty mentors. Please note that candidates may apply to join a department as a fellow even if the person with whom they would like to work is not currently listed as a mentor.


The fellow will carry a 60% teaching load, which translates to six courses over two years. How the courses are arranged will be up to the fellow, the mentor and the department. A likely arrangement is a 1:1 teaching load in year one and a 2:2 teaching load in year one. However, the specific arrangement should be to the benefit of the fellow who will have a voice in the course arrangement.

The fellow is encouraged and expected to develop and teach a new course before the end of the fellowship.

The mentor and the fellow may co-teach a course. This counts as one of the six courses.

Laboratory/research courses count, but they must meet Kenyon’s minimum enrollment standards. 


The fellow:

• is expected sustain an active research program while in residence.

• must give at least one research talk locally while in residence.

• is expected to remain actively involved in their research discipline (conference attendance etc.).

• is encouraged to work on a grant proposal for submission before the end of the fellowship.

• is expected to gain experience in mentoring students in the laboratory/research.

• is expected to maintain existing collaborative work and/or develop new collaborations.

The fellowship is for two years. Fellows are expected to be in residence for the duration.

The fellow can expect to have office space, computers, standard software, basic supplies and laboratory consumables, and library privileges. 

The Center for Innovative Pedagogy (CIP) is a campus resource that can be utilized by the department and fellow to support programming that is beneficial to the fellow’s development as a teacher-scholar.

To apply, candidates should visit the online application site found at

A complete application will include:

1. Cover letter discussing the applicant’s interest in a teaching/research career and eligibility for the fellowship as an underrepresented member of the field/discipline;

2. Curriculum vitae; 

3. ~Two-page statement of the applicant’s research and scholarship clearly indicating the field or discipline;

4. Contact information for three professional references.

Unofficial graduate transcripts will be requested of candidates who advance to the interview stage.

All application materials must be submitted electronically through Kenyon's employment website. The review of applications will begin Dec. 15, 2023, and will continue until the position is filled. 

Hewlet McFarlane

Asst VP for Enroll, Dir of Strategic Programs & Partnerships
Phone Number
Samuel Mather Hall 413