Students have a diverse range of housing options to choose from, catering to their unique preferences and needs. Kenyon offers traditional residence halls,  apartment-style housing and suites. For those students with specific requirements, such as substance-free living or specialized accommodations for disabilities, there are offered pre-placements by the Office of Residential Life.

Specialty housing, geared towards students with shared interests or academic pursuits, provides a chance for like-minded individuals to live together and enhance their college experience. The variety in housing selections ensures that students can find a living arrangement that aligns with their lifestyle and enhances their overall college journey.

Incoming First-year Students

All incoming first-year students are housed in one of five residential halls. Students are placed by the Office of Residential Life based on the information they provide in their Housing Application Form. 

Specialty Housing

Organizations seeking specialty housing must be in good standing with the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of Residential Life. The group must be in existence for at least two years prior to applying for specialty housing. Proposals for new grants of specialty housing will be reviewed by the board in early February. Each written proposal must include: a detailed description of the mission of the organization, goals and how specialty housing supports their goals, how achieving goals will be measured, the reason(s) a specialty housing space is needed, and how the group plans to contribute to the greater Kenyon community.

SASS Accommodations 

Kenyon is committed to supporting students with disabilities with housing accommodations to provide equal access. Kenyon requires students with disabilities who require a reasonable housing accommodation to affirmatively request a housing accommodation within the established deadlines. The Office of Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) works closely with the Office of Residential Life to provide students with reasonable housing accommodations.

Apartment and Suite Housing (ASH)

Upperclassman Students seeking non-traditional residence hall spaces, such as apartments and suites can participate in the ASH housing process. Students will form groups of their peers, submit an application ranking their areas of interest based on group occupancy, and then be placed using a standardized point system created by the Office of Residential Life. Want to learn more about this process? Watch this presentation.

General Housing Selection

Any students that are not pre-placed will enter the general housing selection. Students will use Residence, an online housing management system, to select housing. In Residence students can form groups, select rooms, complete applications for break housing, and submit the terms and conditions contract via this system.