The online housing selection process will begin on Friday, April 8, for students to begin forming roommate groups and viewing the available housing options for 2022-23. Students will begin picking their actual rooms and apartments beginning April 18 and running through May 6.

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Residence Housing Management System

Students will use Residence, an online housing management system, to select housing. Students can form groups, select rooms, complete applications for break and summer housing, and submit the terms and conditions contract via this system.

Special Situations

In some cases, students will not use Residence for the upcoming housing selection process. They include:

Division and Theme Housing

Division and theme housing selection was completed in Spring 2022. Students who chose space in division or theme housing will remain in their chosen space.

Other Pre-Housing Assignments

Other pre-housing assignments will remain as currently assigned.

First-Year Students

First-year students will be assigned to a residence hall space in Gund, Lewis, Norton, Mather or McBride Hall.

Rates and Billing

The fall semester bill is sent electronically on July 18 and is due on August 15. Housing rates can be found on the Fees and Charges Information sheet linked below..

Fees and Charges Information (PDF)