Residence Halls

All residence halls have open rooms with the exception of the following gender-specific buildings: Bushnell Hall (all women), Manning Hall (men or women by wing), Watson Hall (men or women by floor) and the first-year areas (Gund, Lewis and Norton Halls).

Apartments, Houses, Suites

Most apartments, houses and suites are considered open: Acland Apartments, Caples Hall, 119 Duff Street, Farr Apartments, Kenyon Farm, Hillel, Market Apartments, Morgan Apartments, New Apartments, North Campus Apartments, Snowden Multicultural Center, Taft Cottages, Unity House, Wilson Apartments.

Exceptions include the Crozier Center for Women and the all-men Delta Tau Delta Lodge.

Students who wish to request room changes for any reason should contact the Office of Residential Life. Student are not required to move from one open housing room into another unless they wish. 

Gender Inclusive/Non-comforming Restrooms

Bushnell Hall: Near rooms 102 and 116 (all others are women's restrooms).

Caples Hall: Near 107-110 (community); near 304 and 308 (two single-use); near 407-410  (community); near 509-510 (community).

  • First floor has no other community restrooms
  • Third floor also has a women's restroom
  • Fourth floor also has a men's restroom
  • Fifth floor also has a women's restroom
  • All other floors have women's and men's restrooms

Hanna Hall: Between 105/108, 205/208 and the third floor lounges.*

Leonard Hall: Across from 121, 221 and 321.

  • Basement has men's and women's restrooms
  • First floor has two men's restrooms
  • Second floor has men's and women's restrooms
  • Third floor has two women's restrooms

Lewis Hall: Next to 110.

  • First floor has a women's restroom
  • Second floor has women's and men's restrooms

Manning Hall: Next to 102 and 116.

  • Men's wing (101-108) has a men's restroom
  • Women's wing (110-116) has a women's restroom
  • Women's wing (201-208) has a women's restroom
  • Men's wing (210-216) has a men's bathroom

Mather Hall: Near 113-115, 213-215 and 320-322.*

McBride Hall: Near 120-122 (two single-use); near rooms 213-215 and 320-322 (community).*

Old Kenyon: Next to 121, 226, 326 and 415.*

Norton Hall: Next to 108 (all others are women's restrooms).

*All floors also have women's and men's restrooms.


It is important that housing practices evolve to meet the needs of students and create an inclusive, welcoming environment. Open housing has been available since the 2012-13 academic year. According to Campus Pride, Kenyon is one of 265 schools nationwide, and one of 15 Ohio schools, that provide open housing options for students.