Become a catalyst for change while connecting with your community.

As a student at Kenyon, you're a part of a community much greater than the College. You're a valuable part of Gambier, the Knox County community, and our greater world. Connecting to your community through volunteer work can make a huge impact on you and your world.

By participating in community service programs, students become more civically-minded by:

  • Engaging with diverse groups
  • Gaining a better understanding of the root causes of social issues
  • Becoming advocates, problem solvers and collaborators
  • Learning the importance of civic engagement
  • Having firsthand experience with social justice issues
  • Committing to living purposeful lives

Build Connections

Kenyon students can learn more about student organizations, volunteer opportunities, local events and more using Kenyon Connect or KCon. Download the Campus Groups app on your phone to get started.

Seeking student volunteers?

Please complete this form so that the Office for Community Partnerships may make your needs known to potential student volunteers. Your information will be summarized and shared on our Kenyon College Community Service webpage.

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