In order to ensure that KAP continues to maintain its tradition of high standards and cohesive purpose, we would like to ratify some of the "best practices" we have developed over the years and to underscore the importance of the following procedures for all high school teachers of KAP courses:

The teacher of a KAP course must maintain the standards, methods and subject matter agreed upon with the course representative at Kenyon. In addition, the teacher must keep the school's Steering Committee and Kenyon representative informed in a timely manner about the course's progress, submit forms when required and attend course committee meetings, including the Fall Convocation usually held on a Saturday in October.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Help the Steering Committee Representative develop interest in the KAP course.
  2. Participate in the recommendation and selection process for new students.
  3. Enter grades for Kenyon on the Kenyon Registrar's website.
  4. Help the Steering Committee Representative maintain up-to-date class lists.
  5. Attend Course Committee Summer Workshops held during five days in mid-June during the years they are offered at Kenyon. Participants customarily receive a $150 per day honorarium.
  6. Arrange class visits to Kenyon if and when they are appropriate.
  7. Arrange for the Kenyon course representatives visit to the class at least once a year--twice if practical.
  8. Submit expenses forms for travel to and from KAP events to Steering Committee Representative. Participants at one day KAP events customarily receive a $60 honorarium.
  9. Promote and encourage the excellence of KAP at each school by communicating with administrative team about KAP events and the value of participating in them.
  10. Submit yearly an updated syllabus to the KAP Assistant Director