With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are pleased to launch a Digital Storytelling Initiative at Kenyon, supporting interdisciplinary pedagogical investigations of digital technology and narrative in the classroom.

Digital storytelling (as we define it for this initiative) is the still-emerging art and craft of using images, sound, and hypertext in a digital format to communicate ideas, teach new concepts, persuade audiences, share cultural narratives, or bring history to life.

Our objectives in this initiative are simple: to engage faculty in the production of digital narrative that challenges and inspires their approaches to teaching; to cultivate best practices in the field of digital storytelling, which deepen student learning and build valuable skills; and to create the appropriate institutional infrastructure to succeed in this initiative.

The grant has three funding areas:

  • You can propose a visit from a Guest Digital Storyteller, who will conduct workshops with your class and for the community at large.

  • You can get funds for a classroom project, or your own professional development toward a classroom project, through the Digital Storytelling Project Fund.

  • The Summer Digital Scholarship Fund will pay a stipend for you and a student to work closely over the summer on a digital story which makes your scholarly work more accessible to a more general audience.