Instructional technologists provide group or individual consulting and tutoring for faculty and students on the use of digital imaging and video editing programs for curriculum-related projects. Current regularly-supported initiatives and programs are outlined below. Talk to us and see which one is right for your project, or if we need to learn something new!

Audio Capturing & Editing

Whether you're interested in conducting interviews or oral history, or creating podcasts and digital stories, we can help you capture and edit audio. We have a variety of mics and recording devices available for short-term loan and we hold regular trainings on Audacity and Garageband.

Click here for resources and more information on audio recording and editing. 

Video Needs

Video creation and editing: If you're interested in creating videos, we regularly support both iMovie and WeVideo video editors. Both of these options have a low learning curve and are robust enough to handle any academic projects. If advanced resources are necessary, please consult with us directly. 

Creating video clips from DVDs and online sources: If you're interested in creating small clips from dvd sources or websites like YouTube or news outlets, we regularly support iSkysoft Digital Media Converter and can arranged to have it installed on your work station. Available for both Mac and PC. 

Video hosting: We often recommend using YouTube or Vimeo for your video hosting needs. We'd be happy to assist you in seeking a solution for your video hosting needs. Want to make a custom website when you can embed your video content? Check out our web-hosting resources here. 

Video captioning: One of the easiest ways to caption is by using YouTube's built in AI to construct captions utilizing automatic captions or community contributions, which can become a learning activity for your students. There are a variety of DIY and outsourcing options for closed captioning. Please consult with us directly to discuss the constraints of your particular project. 

Click here for resources and more information video editing.