The Kenyon Ten: Celestino Limas

In a new question-and-answer feature that will highlight students, faculty and staff, Kenyon’s vice president for student affairs discloses his appreciation for woodworking and “The Princess Bride.”


Vice President for Student Affairs Celestino Limas has been at Kenyon since August 2021. He describes his job as “the joy of shepherding the student experience on campus.” He will be administering the Matriculation Oath to new students during Founders’ Day on Oct. 26.

Besides Gambier, where is your favorite place in the world to be?

Kona, Hawaiʻi.

Why did you come to Kenyon?

Three simple reasons: 1) Former President Sean Decatur, as his way of leading through service was an immense draw, 2) The Kenyon mission of building strong foundations for lives of purpose and consequence spoke to me a great deal, and 3) The 100% residential setting in a bucolic location afforded an opportunity to be a part of a community where the student experience was continually front and center.

Fill in the blank: My experience at Kenyon would not be the same without ______.

Student inquisitiveness. I so very much enjoy when students are co-authors of their Kenyon journey rather than participants.

What is your favorite Kenyon tradition?

Convocation. As the parent of a third-year college student at a different institution, I can relate to all the emotions of that day from my roles of administrator, faculty member and parent.

What Kenyon class would you love to take — again or for the first time?

Entirely too many to name — our faculty are spectacular scholars and teachers.

If there was a soundtrack to your Kenyon experience, what song would be on repeat? Or is there a movie that represents your time on the Hill?

"The Princess Bride." All of us on the Hill find community in a loyal group of others, persistence is an attribute of every Kenyon student, and I am also not left-handed.

Where do you find satisfaction outside of your work?

Doing anything with my wife and son, as they make every day special for me.

What is something interesting that you have read recently? 

"The Future We Choose: The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis" by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.

What new skill would you like to learn?

Getting serious about either woodworking or coding. I have experimented and enjoyed both and think a deeper appreciation for them would be quite interesting and rewarding.

What is the best piece of advice that you've ever been given?

Someone very close to me once told me, "When being present no longer takes effort, life is able to reach you in ways that bring you purpose and peace."

The Kenyon Ten is an occasional question-and-answer feature that highlights students, faculty and staff.