Student Work Stoppage

As a group of students announce a work stoppage, the College will continue normal operations.


On April 11, a group of Community Advisors announced that they authorized a work stoppage; other student workers have joined them. The work stoppage follows Kenyon College’s decision to return to the stipend model of payment for CAs, which is the national model for resident advisors, starting in the 2021-22 academic year. CAs will receive a pay increase in moving from an hourly wage to a stipend, which we believe better reflects the leadership opportunity that the CA role represents.

The College will continue normal operations without interruption. If students have any questions about residential life, they can reach out to Leah Reuber, director of residential life, or Josh Kusch, associate director of housing operations.

We respect all community members’ rights to peacefully protest for any lawful reason. We ask that everyone respect students who may be striking, as well as students, faculty and staff who continue to work and use College facilities.

While some student workers may be engaging in a strike, our goal remains to ensure that all students, including striking students, continue to receive an excellent education and enjoy the many resources Kenyon provides its students, without retaliation or discrimination.