Season of Red Leaves

Zooming in on my first Kenyon fall.


It's my first time overseas, being here at Kenyon. Everything is so new, so exciting, and so special. But I will admit that in the last three months I have felt homesick, out of place, and lost. These emotions are tough, not just for me but for any student far from home. However, I am learning to tackle those feelings, love this place, and call Kenyon home.

I do it by taking up the habit that I developed back home in Vietnam, of strolling around and taking photos. Through the camera lens, I have the chance to slow down, zoom in on what I usually tend to ignore and find the beauty around me. This photo essay focuses on a small and lovely part of my college life so far: Kenyon in its red leaves season — homey and tranquil in its own way.

The Church of the Holy Spirit

Ransom Hall

Middle Path

The Village Market

Fall foliage

The Lowry Center

Changing colors