Remembering Moxie

Community members reflect on the life of the beloved campus cat.


Moxie was often found sauntering down Middle Path, lounging in the Campus Safety office or hitching a ride on a backpack. His presence in Gambier brought light to so many since he was adopted by local resident Susan Stevens, pastor of Gambier Epworth United Methodist Church. Stevens discovered Moxie and his brother, Mosey, as strays along a back road in 2017. Here, our community remembers the life of Moxie.

“My boy touched so many hearts and souls. I too loved him from afar because he felt the need to minister to you all. My prayers are with all those whose hearts he touched. Know that his legacy lives on in all of you. Go be Moxies in the world in which you live.”

Pastor Susan Stevens
Moxie’s mom
Michael Lahanas-Calderón ’19 and Isabella Blofeld ’19 created ‘Moxie: A Kenyon Collegian Digital Report’ in 2019, a six-minute video that showcases the cat’s unique charm. 
“We were inspired to start this project because of the joy Moxie brought us personally, and ongoing community interest in the various cats of Kenyon. Although we knew Moxie was special, it took following him around campus for a day to realize the huge impact he had. Nearly every person we asked had a happy story about meeting this cat. It was a delight to share those stories with Susan, Moxie’s ‘mom,’ during our interview with her.
“Moxie was the perfect mascot for the version of Kenyon that many of us loved. A place where you could wander freely between the trees, chasing your passions, unrestrained by the confines of the outside world. Though Moxie is no longer with us, we are certain that his spirit survives in the lives of all he touched.”
— Isabella Blofeld ’19 and Michael Lahanas-Calderón ’19 

Art by Teddy Hannah-Drullard ’20, residing in the office of Assistant Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies Michelle Mood.

“Moxie came into my upstairs Acland House office one time, perambulated once, and promptly left with a sniffy attitude. Being a cat lover, I felt like I was being snubbed so thoroughly I could only laugh at his catlike judgeyness. I did not rate!”

— Assistant Professor of Political Science and Asian Studies Michelle Mood


“I’m going to miss seeing him laying in the Campus Safety window seat he loved to sleep in! I’d say good morning to him most mornings as I got to work and throughout the day as I came and went from the office. He was a very unique individual and I often told people that I thought he was Paul Newman reincarnated as a cat. 🤣 He was the best boy. ❤️ One of my favorite memories (as seen in one of the pictures) was the time that he got himself stuck on the roof of Wiggin Street Coffee — needless to say, the entire village, myself included, rallied to his rescue! Including, no pun intended, the fire department saving him from his perch! 🤣🤣🤣 Rest in peace, dude … we loved ya!”

—J.P. Downes, Campus Safety Officer

“Moxie regularly jumps up onto the backpacks of passing humans, traversing campus on his two-legged chariots. He delights the school, but also disturbs it. Recently, for example, the fire department had to rescue the cat from a coffee shop’s roof. He likes to infiltrate classroom buildings, too; signs warning students not to let Moxie into the lecture halls abound. Every once in a while he enters Kenyon’s on-campus Episcopal church unannounced, in the middle of Reverend Rachel Kessler’s sermons.”

“Safe travels over the rainbow bridge, Moxie. Your companionship during my time at Kenyon College made Gambier feel even more like home and inspired me to adopt a black cat of my own. You will be missed ❤️”

— Evangeline Warren ’19

“Moxie, whose official home was the Methodist parsonage just off campus, spent his time wandering around, interacting with whomever he encountered, riding shotgun with the Safety officers, hitchhiking on the top of students’ backpacks, and otherwise ruling the campus. He liked to enter buildings when allowed, and spent a lot of time in the Safety office, where he had a bed, toys, food and water, and a supply of treats. The steady stream of visitors he received there were not all there to talk to Safety. An unlicensed therapy cat, Moxie was a friend to all in good times and in bad, and could be trusted to keep a confidence. He will be widely and deeply missed.”

Liz Keeney
Associate Director of Student Accessibility & Support Services

“Moxie was one of a kind. Sassy and beautiful. Intuitive and funny. Spoiled rotten and giving. He had the best life a cat could have.”

Miracle Mahle, Campus Safety Administrative Assistant


The photo to the right was captured "about 10 minutes after arriving on campus after 11 months away for COVID. Moxie was so, so special.

Allegra Fass '21


Left: Teddy Hannah-Drullard ’20 with Moxie.

Right: with Sarah Dailey 20.

“In a place like Gambier, where so many experiences are universal, being graced with his presence felt like a mark of distinction. I, an avowed dog person who is allergic to cats, stopped working when he laid down on my desk. How was I supposed to focus in the presence of celebrity? I took a bunch of pictures as he lounged, just so I could rub my coworkers' noses in the fact that, for a brief time, I had been chosen. Like all cats, he seemed indifferent to our affection — in the best way — but nevertheless dutifully made his rounds each day, like the goodwill ambassador that he was.”

Molly Vogel '00, Advancement Communications Director