COVID-19 Update: Admissions Visitors

Vice President Diane Anci outlines plans for welcoming the Class of 2025.


The Kenyon Class of 2025 is beginning to take shape. Last week, admission offers were made to an incredible group of high school seniors distinguished by academic achievement and potential, extraordinary talent, and resilience during a year of online living and learning. Members of the Admissions staff were reassured and moved by the familiar feel of this year’s hopefuls, and we look forward to the prospect of welcoming them as new members of our community.

Despite the familiarity, this admission cycle has been anything but ordinary. Typically, by the time students are admitted to the College, there has been extensive opportunity for students to meet with members of the Kenyon community in person, on and off campus. This year, a tiny fraction of our admitted students have had that chance. Many Kenyon students will remember how pivotal their first visit to Gambier was, and we have heard from guidance counselors and directly from prospective students and their parents that they are determined to visit campuses this spring. To aid admitted students in their decision-making while prioritizing the health and well-being of the Kenyon community, the Admissions Office will provide a modest visit opportunity designed to be short, supervised, and safe.

We are very grateful to Chris Smith, Director of Cox Health and Counseling, and our colleagues at Knox Public Health, who have provided important guidance and counsel to our planning:

  • Ten admitted students and their parents will be allowed per day, each with an hour-long campus walk with an Admissions Director and a fifty minute information session.  

  • Visits will be outside and guests will be permitted only in Ransom Hall and the Kenyon Inn. 

  • Everyone will receive explicit health and safety instruction before, during, and after their visit. 

  • All will be required to follow all the same protocols that members of the community have thoughtfully adhered to since we’ve been on campus together.

While the College’s visitor policy allows for Admissions visitors during periods of low and moderate COVID alert, the Admissions staff has proceeded in a cautious and limited way this academic year, and this spring will be no different. Virtual engagement will continue to be the centerpiece of our programming: classes specially designed for admitted students, panels highlighting co-curricular life, student-led virtual campus tours, KEEP and STEM gatherings, Presidential Town Halls, international events, and more will be hosted online over the course of the next five weeks. Should you have any questions or concerns about any of our programs, please feel free to email

Members of the Kenyon community are the best partners an enrollment effort could hope for. I thank you in advance for your support of this important work and your generosity to future members of our community.


Diane Anci
Dean of Admission & Vice President for Enrollment