College Affirms Middle Path Partnership

The unions representing Kenyon’s custodial staff and skilled trade workers have raised questions about a long-standing, three-way partnership with the College.


In 2013, Kenyon College and the unions representing its custodial staff (IAM Local 2794) and skilled trade workers (UE Local 712) formed a three-way partnership, or “high-performance work organization,” called the Middle Path Partnership (MPP). According to the MPP manual, the MPP provides a structure, outside of the IAM and UE collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), for establishing and attaining performance goals that mutually benefit the College, members of both unions, and the community they serve.

On March 31, 2022, IAM Local 2794 and UE Local 712 filed separate grievances with the College claiming that the MPP is part of their CBAs. Kenyon does not share this view.

The College has fulfilled all of its commitments under the MPP, and the unions have never called into question Kenyon’s commitment to the MPP. Now the unions are asserting a new interpretation of the MPP that is at odds with past statements and actions. 

“The College will continue to respect the spirit of the MPP as we seek to deliver the highest level of service to the Kenyon community,” said Kenyon Vice President for Sustainability, Facilities and Operations Ian Smith. 


Kenyon College respects the MPP and its working relationship with both the IAM Local 2794 and UE Local 712. Cooperative efforts help improve facilities and processes for all members of the Kenyon community, and the College hopes that the valued collaboration of all parties continues.