“Can’t Look Away”

A new docuseries reveals connections between Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement through conversations centered on select photographs.


The Gund Gallery at Kenyon College is pleased to announce the release of the first episode in the new docuseries “Can’t Look Away: Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle.”

“Can’t Look Away” seeks to reveal connections between the Black Lives Matter movements and the Civil Rights struggles of the 1950s and 60s through conversations centered on select photographs depicting the Civil Rights Era.

Developed as a way for the Gallery to inspire our community to critically engage with some of the most pressing issues we face today, each episode will feature experts from across Kenyon College discussing photographs made available for the program by Gund Gallery supporters David Horvitz ‘74 and Francie Bishop Good. 

These images demand our attention and compel us to think deeply about the legacy of racism in the United States, leading us to explore how history can inform the ways we respond collectively to the legacy of unresolved racial strife that continues in our time. 

The series begins with a wide-ranging dialog on Burt Glinn’s “Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957” that touches on subjects from the powers of the US Supreme Court, to the racial politics of the Cold War, and the influence of press coverage on the success of protest movements.    

Discussants in the series include Glenn McNair, Professor of History; Francis Gourrier, Assistant Professor of American Studies and History; Austin Porter, Assistant Professor of Art History and American Studies; and Jodi Kovach, Curator of Academic Programs at the Gund Gallery.