A Snowy Trip Down Middle Path



Bexley Hall—devoid of life over winter break but poised for renovation and the return of students—lies at the north end of Middle Path, and is our starting point.


Middle Path

Turning south from Bexley Hall, we’ll start down a snow-covered Middle Path.



To our east are the North Campus Apartments, home to many of campus’s upperclassmen.



Further south is the First-Year Quad. Here, Lewis Hall’s bench swing hibernates until the spring thaw.


Post Office

Exiting the northern half of campus, we arrive in the center of Gambier. On the west side of town stands the 43022 post office.



And, on the opposite side, students frequent Kenyon’s Bookstore for refreshments and supplies for the start of their spring semester classes.



As we make our way into the academic side of campus, we come to the Gates of Hell. (Don’t let the name deceive you, though. It is still quite cold.) Be sure to watch your footing and walk on the same side of the center post as the rest of our tour group!



President Decatur’s Cromwell Cottage sits just off Middle Path and looks quite cozy with some snow.


Church of the Holy Spirit

Opposite to Cromwell stands the Church of the Holy Spirit. Looks like classes are about to let out!


Chalmers Library

The new Chalmers Library is the perfect refuge from the winter weather. Here come a few students now.


Rosse Hall

In the center of campus’s academic area, students walk by Rosse Hall in between classes.


Science Quad

Henry Spencer Moore’s Large Spindle Piece and a Biochemistry Adirondack chair collect snow in the Science Quad.



We’re coming to the end of our tour. Here on the east side of Kenyon’s south quad lies Leonard Hall, one of the quad’s three main residence halls.


Old Kenyon

Our last stop is, of course, the beloved Old Kenyon at the south end of Middle Path. We couldn’t have made it through all that snow without the dedicated work of our wonderful Maintenance Department.

I hope you enjoyed our walk together. I certainly did!