Alumni Council consists of 20 alumni members who each serve on a committee. Current committees include volunteer affairs, communications and regional association. Alumni Council is led by:

  • Kimberly Brownsword '12, president
  • Janae Peters '10, past president
  • Kyla Carlson '89, secretary

View the Alumni Association Constitution, the Alumni Council Bylaws and the fall 2023 meeting minutes.

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In the process of selecting future members, the Alumni Council will consider many factors such as the ability to communicate important perspectives from the alumni community to the College and from the College back to the alumni community; involvement with affinity associations where there are strong connections across generations (e.g., sports, Greek organizations, singing groups, Black Student Union, etc.); and a history of constructive alumni involvement or a clear desire to become more involved.

Meet the current members of Alumni Council.

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New Alumni Council members are selected by the current Alumni Council in May each year to fill the seats of those whose time on Council has come to an end. Candidates are gathered from self nominations, nominations by other alumni, and nominations made by the College. You may suggest one or more candidates for election to the Alumni Council for a three-year term commencing July 1, 2022. Nominate a friend, a classmate or yourself.

Learn more about Alumni Council nominations.

Meet the current members of Alumni Council.

Alumni Council is just one way to get involved with the College. If you are looking for other ways to volunteer your time or talent, please check out other ways to get involved or read a recent edition of our Alumni Volunteer Bulletin.

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