Celebrate the Gund Gallery's current exhibition "Sympathy for the Translator" and the upcoming spring release of Indigenous intellectual and activist Ailton Krenak’s "Life Is Not Useful," co-translated from the Portuguese by Assistant Professor of English Alex Brostoff and Jamille Pinheiro Dias, lecturer in Latin American and Caribbean studies at the University of London and a von der Heyden Fellow at Duke University.

“Curar,” as the Portuguese verb tellingly suggests, signifies both “care” and “curation” in translation, opening up a conceptual framework in which the translator performs acts of curatorial care work. How, then, does translation construct and disrupt our relationship to the politics of meaning-making? The event will be held in the exhibition space, with audience participation and conversation inspired by the artwork and led by Daisy Desrosiers, Alex Brostoff, and Jamille Pinheiro Dias, along with Professor of Spanish Kate Hedeen and artist Marie-Michelle Deschamps.