Allan Bazzoli, M.D., will offer the sounds of 18 Himalayan singing bowls combined with harmonic chants from different cultures to immerse you in a very relaxing, transcendent experience of vibration and sound. Bazzoli will chant a blend of Native American sounds, the OM chant (the universal chant), the Dragon chant and the Snow Mountain chant.

Cost: $20 with half the proceeds going toward a new, larger flat screen TV in the BFEC lecture room. Space is limited to 12 participants. Reservations required. Call 740-427-5052 or email to reserve your spot.

Important Notes:

For this program, each individual is encouraged to wear relaxing clothing. Participants will lay on yoga mats on a cement floor during the session, so each individual needs to be physically able to get down on the floor and upright afterwards. One yoga mat (1/4") will be provided, so please bring your own mat if you need extra cushioning. Bring blankets for warmth, head and/or leg support, if needed. Kindly leave your cell phone in the car.