Join Professor of Mathematics Bob Milnikel for "Five by Five," an all-quintet recital on Leap Day at 7:30 p.m. in Rosse Hall.

The concert will feature PMilnikel as part of five different five-piece ensembles, performing music from five composers, written in five different centuries:

  • "Candidi Facti Sunt" by Thomas Tallis, for vocal quintet
  • "Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein" by J.S. Bach, transcribed for saxophone quintet
  • "Quintet in F# Minor" by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, for clarinet and string quartet
  • "Suite for Wind Quintet" by Ruth Crawford Seeger
  • "Original Blend" by Bill Ryan, for violin, tenor sax, bass clarinet, piano, and drums

Performers include faculty members Ross Feller, Ruth Heindel, Alex Novikoff and Jenny Packard, and students Cooper Bertschi '26, Isa Braun '26, Phillip Diamond '24, Axel Israel '26, Sam Lawyer '27, Lily Montes '25, Theodore Schwamm '24, Molly Smith '24, Khue Tran '25 and Tali Tufeld '24.