Know that you should probably understand more about how accessibility tools actually work, but don’t feel like you can add another thing to your list? Wish you understood what tools we have readily available that could help you turn a file into a more readily digestible format? Want to learn some tools that will make your audience more at ease and included in the conversation? Join the Center for Innovative Pedagogy for a special in-person Tech Tuesday on Oct. 19 at 11:10 a.m. at Edwards House, where SASS and CIP will have a strictly hands-on Inclusive and Accessible Tech Tool Petting Zoo set up.

Whether you want to use these tools yourself or put them in the hands of others, get your hands and eyes on these tools and learn how helpful they can be for everyone, through experience. We’ll be exploring tools like SensusAccess, Read&Write, YouTube captioning and more. 

This training is open to faculty, staff and students. 

Please sign up for this and other sessions at