Thomas Greenslade received an A.B. in physics from Amherst College in 1959 and a doctorate in experimental low temperature physics from Rutgers University in 1965. From 1964 to 2002 he was a physics faculty member at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and taught part-time there for the next three years.

His research deals with early physics teaching apparatus, and in support of that he has a large web site, a private museum wing to his house, and an ongoing series of 624 illustrations of early apparatus in the American Journal of Physics. He has 289 publications in the Physics Teacher, American Journal of Physics, Rittenhouse and Physics in Perspective, and he has given 223 talks at AAPT meetings and physics department seminars.

Greenslade served for 16 years on the Committee on the History and Philosophy of Physics, and was chair for four two-year terms. The American Association of Physics Teachers awarded him with a Distinguished Service Citation in 1987, and made him a fellow in 2014. In 2002 he was listed as one of the 75 most influential physics teachers and physicists in the United States. He is now a past member of the AAPT Committee on the Interests of Senior Physicists. His entry for the 2007 AAPT Apparatus Competition won first place. In 2015 he was made a fellow of the American Physical Society.


1965 — Doctor of Philosophy from Rutgers U Rutgers College

1961 — Master of Arts from Rutgers U Rutgers College

1959 — Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College