John Idoine grew up in a large family in Canton, Ohio. He was introduced to science by his father, an engineer, who taught him how to build an electric motor and told him stories about Albert Einstein and his amazing theories. In 1967 John graduated from Glenwood High School, asked Debbie Ford to marry him and headed off to Lawrence University, a small liberal arts college in Appleton, Wisconsin.

At Lawrence, John studied philosophy, French, and literature but he loved mathematics and majored in physics. His first research experience led to the development of a new circuit for measuring magnetic fields and convinced him that his future was in teaching and research.

John earned his doctor of science degree in medical physics from Harvard University and began his career as a physicist in nuclear medicine at the Harvard Medical School. In 1981 he returned to Ohio to join the faculty of Kenyon College. He is the author of numerous research publications in nuclear medicine and medical imaging, and collaborates with leading scientists around the world.

John and Debbie have three grown children and seven grandchildren and they live with their horses (Feliz, Navidad and Noel) on a small farm in Mount Vernon, Ohio. John enjoys golf and plays blues and rock-and-roll guitar whenever he gets the chance. 

John is now the pastor at the United Methodist Churches in Brandon and Lock, Ohio.

Research Interests

John Idoine is a specialist in medical radiological physics and image processing and maintains close ties with several medical research centers. During his recent sabbatical leave, he worked with collaborators at MIT and the University of Aberdeen.

Areas of Expertise

Medical imaging and radiation physics.


1979 — Doctor of Science from Harvard University

1971 — Bachelor of Arts from Lawrence University, Phi Beta Kappa