Jeanne Griggs received her BA in English from Hendrix College in 1982, her MA in English language and literature with a minor in composition and rhetoric from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1985, and her PhD in English language and literature from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1992.

Griggs became the director of the Writing Center at Kenyon College at one-sixth time in 1991, while finishing her dissertation on 18th-century satire. In 2011, the position was increased to half-time. 



1992 — Doctor of Philosophy from Univ Maryland College Park

1985 — Master of Arts from Univ Maryland College Park

1982 — Bachelor of Arts from Hendrix College

Courses Recently Taught

In this course, students will become more aware of opportunities for creativity and self-challenge in the multi-layered and recursive writing process and become more practiced in the art of writing. They will learn to better articulate objectives at each stage of the writing process and to make distinctions between the many choices for techniques and methods available to them for improving their own writing and that of fellow writers. Objectives include: learning a wide range of rhetorical, literary, and theoretical strategies; connecting theory with practical experience and reflective practice in order to learn more about how best to engage with different kinds of student writers and different forms of academic prose across disciplines; questioning assumptions about writing in order to begin establishing a perspective for self‐evaluation and assessment: becoming more confident at employing a wider range of writing skills and more qualified to suggest interventions to other writers at various stages of the writing process; and learning to analyze various types of writing and engage with them in a variety of recursive processes for exploration, composition and revision. This counts toward the approaches to literary study requirement for the major. Permission of instructor required. No prerequisite. Offered annually.