The BFEC is a unique academic resource serving students and faculty regardless of department.  From scientific research to artistic expression, its diverse landscape provides endless opportunities to explore.  With both indoor and outdoor facilities, it is one of Kenyon's most beautiful and unusual places to learn and teach. 

Research at the BFEC

The BFEC offers access to a variety of habitats that can be used for student projects. Kenyon faculty members collaborate with students to conduct research on carbon sequestration, wetlands, forest structure, seed dispersal, bird behavior, population ecology, and more.

Classes at the BFEC

Each semester, faculty use the 610 acres and varied habitats of the BFEC in pursuit of academic excellence.  Students enrolled in Biology and Ecology classes are the most predictable visitors, but we also see students in fine arts, anthropology, classics, sociology, English, religion, and more.

Facilities at the BFEC

In addition to our 610-acre preserve, the BFEC features a resource center with classrooms, a laboratory and meeting space; an outdoor classroom and picnic shelter; and the Bemis research Aviary. We work closely with faculty and students to ensure academically rigorous, memorable, high impact experiences.

Environmental Studies

Kenyon’s major in environmental studies prepares students to answer questions about the environment. This interdisciplinary program examines the intersection of individuals, societies, and the natural world in both a local and global context. The major provides a broad understanding of environmental issues.