Kenyon is committed to developing “lives of purpose and consequence.” In this current moment we can think of no greater purpose than combating the racism that tragically persists in our nation. Anti-racism aligns both with our mission and with the vital role liberal arts institutions play in fostering democracy.

At this moment, Black students and other students of color deserve our fullest attention and our strongest efforts to ensure their success here and in the world beyond Kenyon. We must also ensure that our Black and of color staff and faculty experience an affirming work environment.

The Board of Trustees recognizes the many advances Kenyon has made in becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive campus. We steadfastly support President Decatur’s initiatives for the 2020-21 academic year to augment the emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion with an invigorated emphasis on anti-racism, and to engage in a thorough, open and candid self-examination of our structures, culture and, indeed, our own leadership. We look forward to the College’s further plans to advance the fight against racism in future years.

We have committed to make anti-racism a central piece of the Board’s and College’s work and responsibilities for the coming year and will report on our progress.