The Major

In addition to overall requirements, international studies majors concentrate in one of three thematic tracks — development, environment or politics & society — taking a focused set of courses from several disciplines to develop their understanding of that topic. Majors apply that knowledge to the sustained study of a particular region of the world, where they spend at least a semester abroad studying, living in and experiencing a foreign culture. Students can keep track of their progress in the major with a checklist.

Checklists for Majors 

Students are encouraged to download the checklists for their thematic track to record their progress. The checklist is a fillable Microsoft Word document, so you must download it and open it in Microsoft Word for the drop-down menus of courses to work.

For All Majors

International studies majors must complete and submit the Registrar's Majors Areas Form located in Etrieve.

International studies majors must inform the Registrar's Office of any approved INST courses counting toward the "area concentration" requirement. The Registrar's Office enters all approved INST courses into the degree evaluation system in their office.

Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone in International Studies is outlined in the course catalog. More detailed information about the Senior Capstone and a cover sheet is available through the department.

Information for the Class of 2024

Download the Senior Capstone handout specific to members of the Class of 2024.

Honors Program

The Honors Program in International Studies is outlined in the course catalog. For more detailed information, please see the INST Honors Guidelines (PDF). Students wishing to pursue a degree with honors should consult with the chair as soon as possible.