Economics is a highly integrated discipline in which most economists work simultaneously with theory, analytical models, data, quantitative research methods, and public-policy issues.

Each economics course at Kenyon introduces all of these elements, in varying mixes. The common thread among the courses is reliance on models that explain and predict human behavior. Economics courses at Kenyon are designed to help students develop the ability to think in a rigorous, analytical fashion and to develop communication skills. This emphasis places economics at the heart of liberal arts education.

The Major

Students who plan to major in economics and also study off campus should seriously consider enrolling in ECON 101 and 102 as first-year students and ECON 201 and 202 (intermediate economic theory) as second-year students to provide a sound base for off-campus study. More details and requirements for the major are outlined in the academic course catalog.

The Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone involves a systematic effort to understand social behavior using economic principles. Details are outlined in the course catalog. More information is also available from the department — see below.


The economics department offers an optional honors program. More information is available in the course catalog.

The capstone allows majors to gain an appreciation of the integrity of economics as a discipline. Majors must answer questions on microeconomic and macroeconomic topics. Students sit for the closed-book exams during the spring semester.

Microeconomic Topics (PDF)

Macroeconomic Topics (PDF)

Econometric Topics (PDF)

Sample Microeconomic Questions (PDF)

Sample Macroeconomic Questions (Word doc)