There are many ways to prepare for medical school or other health professional schools at Kenyon. Students come to Kenyon with a diversity of interests, strengths, and academic backgrounds. No one academic plan will be right for all pre-health students.

Factors to consider when designing your course of study include: your academic interests, goals, and major (or prospective major); your academic background and AP scores; your desire to study away or abroad; and, of course, the type of professional school you would like to attend.

Another important consideration is the timing of your matriculation into medical or health professional school. When you plan to begin medical school governs when you need to take the entrance exams (MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc.) and, thus, when you must complete courses in preparation for those exams.

Many premedical students enter Kenyon with the intention of taking their MCAT during the spring of their junior year in order to matriculate to medical school the fall after graduation. However, in reality, most students decide along the way that it would be in their best interest to take a ‘glide year’ during which they take on valuable formative experiences before beginning medical school. As reported by the AAMC, the average age of matriculating medical students is 24 indicating that a high proportion of medical students glide one or more years prior to beginning medical school.

As a starting point for planning a pre-health course of study, sample schedules are provided here. While these schedules are for premedical students, they can easily be adjusted to accommodate other health professional school prerequisites. Two kinds of sample schedules are provided here: premedical schedules for students who have not decided on a major (PDF) and sample schedules and information for premeds that have chosen a major (see below).

Every student has distinct academic goals and needs. These sample schedules are a starting point for designing your academic plan with your academic advisor. If you have a question along the way, contact the Preprofessional Advisor or a member of HPAC.

Information for premeds who have chosen a major

Follow the links below for sample schedules and information for premedical students that have selected (or are considering) a specific academic major. Premedical and pre-health students can have any major. If you are a premedical or pre-health student interested in a major that is not listed below, HPAC stands ready to work with you to find a course of study that meets your needs. The schedules provided here are intended as a starting point for the advising process.