There are many ways to begin your pre-health training at Kenyon. Planning your course of study will be an ongoing project as you explore and define your interests.

To make sure you are on track your first year make sure that you select courses from at least two of the blocks below. Your prospective major might influence your choices so be sure to discuss your plan with your advisor. If you need to meet the foreign language requirement, be sure to include an introductory language in your first-year schedule.

(A) Chemistry (B) Biology or Physics (C) English or Language
CHEM 121, 124 plus
CHEM 123, 126
BIOL 115, 16 plus
BIOL 109, 110
 ENGL 103, 104
or or  or
CHEM 122, 231 plus
CHEM 123, 233
PHYS 130, 135 plus
PHYS 131, 136
Introductory Language
(year long)