While your entire undergraduate experience will support your application to medical school or other health professional school, the process of applying will begin about two years before you plan to matriculate.

Two years prior to matriculation:


  • Attend the required Jr/Sr Pre-med meeting
  • Submit Candidate Information Form (CIF) to Preprofessional Advisor
  • Review pre-health checklist and timeline (PDF)
  • Check registration and exam dates for any admissions test needed (MCAT etc.)
  • Compile list of schools and check courses needed to meet admissions requirements
  • Meet with Preprofessional Advisor and a member of HPAC to discuss application
  • Identify primary letter writers and select a member of HPAC to write composite letter


  • Begin preparation in earnest for the MCAT
  • Ask primary letter writers for support and distribute signed letter request forms
  • Begin work on personal essays and compile activity list in the proper format

February and March

  • Register for the MCAT
  • Continue to refine essays and activity list with Preprofessional Advisor.

April and May

  • Follow up with letter writers to confirm that letters have been submitted
  • Take the MCAT
  • Turn in completed application materials to Preprofessional Advisor
  • Meet with composite writer
  • Arrange for mock interview with Preprofessional Advisor

One year prior to matriculation:


  • Retake the MCAT (if needed)
  • Early decision candidates submit applications


  • Work on secondary applications
  • Interview at institutions
  • Touch base regularly with Preprofessional Advisor about status of application and interviews


  • Submit most recent transcripts to schools and provide updates on other parts of application (publications, additional clinical hours, etc.).