The Career Development Office (CDO) offers a full range of services available to all Kenyon alumni.

We assist individuals through email, phone consultations and personal appointments in our office on campus — call us at 740-427-5165 to schedule an appointment with a member of the CDO.

For those who are exploring career directions, whether as recent grads or experienced individuals who are seeking a new career path, we offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. Please contact our office at 740-427-5165 or to learn more or arrange to take this.

Regardless of your stage in life, a strong resume or cover letter will often be key tools for introducing yourself to prospective employers. These documents need to be at their best, and CDO staff can provide you with valuable feedback to help you fine-tune them. Feel free to send them as email attachments to

Once you have a sense of direction and solid documents, you'll be ready to identify prospective employers. There are several ways we can assist with this process. Many occupational areas have field-specific web sites where jobs might be posted, and we can help you find those. On the other hand, many employers don't advertise openings, so finding potential employers by field/industry and geographic location -- regardless of advertised postings -- can be beneficial.

Networking is often said to be the best way to find a job, and although we have an extensive Kenyon Career Network (KCN) available to assist, it is an information network --not a job or internship placement service. Our volunteers can provide insights about their experiences in the field, describe their organizations and work environments, and might be able to suggest another contact for you in pursuing employment. However, even if you find someone in your ideal organization, we encourage all individuals to do your homework in researching the organization and preparing for any contact with volunteers. A strong first impression goes a long way toward opening additional doors!

Looking good on paper and having some connections may help lead to an interview, yet how you present yourself will typically make the difference on whether you'll get an offer. Our Interview Guide is available online as an Adobe PDF file, and we encourage you to review it well in advance of an interview. Feel free to arrange a phone appointment to get assistance with specific questions or aspects of the interview, or even to arrange a practice phone interview.

Many alumni/ae pursue advanced study at some point, and whether you are considering graduate school or professional degree programs, Kenyon can assist. Maureen Tobin is Kenyon's Graduate School and Preprofessional advisor, and she can review application essays or help you through other facets of the application process. Please call 740-427-5165 if you would like to arrange a phone appointment or a personal appointment during a visit back to campus.