When you join the Kenyon community, you join a global network of alumni and parent career mentors from more than 200 industries who are willing to connect you with job shadows, resume reviews, internships and interviews.

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Join the Kenyon Career Network

The Kenyon Career Network (KCN) allows you to search for mentors by professional expertise, location, and more. You also can search by the kind of support you’re seeking, including resume reviews, mock interviews, job shadows, advice on developing career-related skills and homestay offers. When you make connections through the KCN, you can:

  • Learn how to apply for a job in a particular field.
  • Develop contacts with professionals in your industry or company of interest.
  • Identify potential job shadow sponsors.
  • Join discussions on professional topics based on your industry, location or area of common interest. 

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For Students

Signing up only takes a few minutes, and is even easier if you use your LinkedIn account. Find tips for making a good impression with new contacts in our Networking Guide.

For Alumni

The easiest way to offer your expertise to students and fellow alumni is by joining the Kenyon Career Network.

Members will be able to search for you by your expertise or the type of mentorship you want to provide (such as reviewing resumes or practicing for an interview). When someone contacts you on the Kenyon Career Network, the request will be forwarded to your email, allowing you to receive notifications and reply to messages without visiting the platform. You also can contribute to group discussions or post notices of open positions in our online Communities.

Join the Kenyon Career Network to connect with professionals in your field of interest.

Kenyon’s Career Development Office (CDO) maintains information to help Kenyon students and alumni connect with individuals and companies willing to assist, mentor or house students who are exploring careers,and with internship and job opportunities.  Students, employers and volunteers should be aware that the CDO does not vet or conduct background checks on students who may seek assistance, employers who may be offering opportunities or volunteers who may be providing support.  Employers, students, mentors and hosts are encouraged to meet via phone or Skype prior to confirming any arrangements to determine suitability of fit and discuss mutual expectations. While the CDO is not responsible for what happens in arrangements that come from its networks, it is happy to assist students, employers and volunteers with conflict resolution and resources should difficulties occur.