About 18 percent of Kenyon graduates go directly to graduate or professional schools. Of those applying to business and law schools, 99 percent are accepted; more than 90 percent of those with a grade-point average of 3.25 or higher are accepted at medical schools. Within five years of graduation, more than 70 percent further their education, with more than 50 percent earning advanced degrees.

Graduate and Professional School Advising

Kenyon students planning careers in architecture, busineess, engineering, the health professsions, law, library and information sciences, psychology and social work, teaching, and theology have access to special faculty advisors as well as a dedicated graduate and professional school advisor.

  • 98% of students applying to graduate school are accepted into one of their top three choices.

  • 8this where Kenyon ranks in the country (ahead of every Ivy) for the proportion of STEM grads to earn a doctorate in a STEM field.

  • 91students have been named NCAA Postgraduate Scholars, ranking Kenyon second among Division III institutions.

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Medical, Law and Business Schools

Medical School

Biochemistry major, Yale University
Biology major, University of Chicago
Chemistry major, Johns Hopkins University
Classics major, Tufts University
English major, Duke University
History major, University of Texas
Modern Languages and Literatures, Dartmouth Medical School
Molecular biology major, Cleveland Clinic
Music and molecular biology major, University of Colorado
Neuroscience major, Michigan State University
Physics major, Northwestern University
Political science major, Wright State University
Psychology major, Mayo Medical School
Religion and biology major, University of Tennessee
Spanish and history major, Washington University
Synoptic (self-designed) major, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Biology major, Harvard Medical School

Law School

Biology major, University of Virginia
Economics and political science major, University of Virginia
English major, Vanderbilt University
English major, Washington University
English major, New York University
Math and Political Science major, Yale University
Modern Languages and Literatures major, University of Chicago
Philosophy major, Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley
Political science major, University of Texas, Austin
Political science and economics major, Stanford University
Political science and English major, University of Michigan
Political science major, University of Wisconsin
Political science major, Washington University
Political science major, William and Mary
Psychology major, Northeastern University

Business Schools (M.B.A. programs)

Economics major, University of Chicago
Economics major, College of William and Mary
Economics major, Dartmouth College
Economics major, Harvard Business School
Economics major, University of California, Berkeley
International studies major, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
International studies major, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Political science major, University of Chicago
Political science major, Harvard Business School
Political science major, Loyola Graduate School of Business

Where Our Alumni Study

Recent Kenyon graduates enroll in a variety of graduate programs at some of the nation's top institutions. Following is a small sampling.

American studies majors

M.A. program in urban planning and policy, University of Illinois-Chicago
Kenan-Lewis Fellowship Program, Woodberry Forest School, Orange, Virginia

Anthropology majors

Ph.D. program in archaeology, Harvard University
Ph.D. program in cultural anthropology, University of Chicago
Ph.D. program in Latin American studies, Stanford University

Art history majors

Ph.D. program in art history, Stanford University
Ph.D. program in art history, University of Chicago
M.A. program in art history, Yale University

Biochemistry majors

Ph.D. medical program, Penn State Medical School
Ph.D. program in chemistry, Princeton University
Ph.D. program in pharmacology, Duke University

Biology majors

Ph.D. program in molecular evolution, Yale University
Ph.D. program in ecology, Washington University
Medical degree program, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Ph.D. program in biological and biomedical science, Harvard Medical School
Ph.D. program in biological and biomedical studies, Yale University

Chemistry majors

Ph.D. program in chemistry, Boston University
Ph.D. program in chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Ph.D. program in plant and microbial biosciences, Washington University in St. Louis
Ph.D. program in chemistry, Yale University

Classics majors

Ph.D. program in classics, Columbia University
Ph.D. program in classics, Cornell University
Ph.D. program in classics, University of Virginia

Drama majors

M.F.A. program in film studies, University of Southern California
M.F.A. program in theater, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
M.F.A. program in theater, Yale School of Drama

Economics majors

Ph.D. program in economics, George Mason University
J.D., Wake Forest University School of Law

English majors

M.S. program in elementary education, Northwestern University, Chicago
Ph.D. program in postcolonial studies, University of California, Berkeley
M.A. program in creative writing, Iowa Writers Workshop, University of Iowa
M.F.A. program in film studies, Stanford University
M.A. program in communication, culture, and technology, Georgetown University
M.A. program in elementary education, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. program in English, Cornell University
Radcliffe Program in Publishing, Columbia School of Journalism

Gender & sexuality studies majors

M.A. program in women's, gender and sexuality studies, State University of New York
M.A. program in Higher Education Student Affairs, Western Michigan University

History majors

Ph.D. program in public policy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.A. program in library and information science, University of Illinois

International studies majors

M.A. program, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
M.P.P. Program in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Graduate certificate in Chinese and American studies, Hopkins-Nanjing Center

Mathematics majors

Ph.D. program in statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
M.A. program in higher education, University of Pennsylvania

Modern languages and literatures majors

M.A. program in International Relations, Columbia University
Ph.D. program in Chinese literature, Harvard University
Ph.D. program in Slavic studies, Princeton University

Molecular biology majors

Ph.D. program in biomolecular chemistry, University of Wisconsin
Veterinary program, Ohio State University
Veterinary program, Cornell University

Music majors

Ph.D. program in ethnomusicology, University of Washington
M.A. program in music, Indiana University
M.A. program in music, Boston Conservatory

Neuroscience majors

Research fellow, National Institute of Mental Health
Ph.D. in neuroscience, Vanderbilt University
Ph.D. in neuroscience, University of Michigan
Ph.D. in neurobiology, Harvard University

Philosophy majors

M.A. program in philosophy, Oxford University (U.K.)
M.Div. program, Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University
M.A. program in the history and philosophy of science and medicine, Trinity College, England

Physics majors

Ph.D. program in astronomy, University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. program in nuclear medical imaging, University of Chicago
Ph.D. program in cosmology and particle physics, University of Illinois
M.A., program in quantitative methods in social sciences, Columbia University

Political science majors

Ph.D. program in political science, University of Chicago
Ph.D. program in international studies, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. program in political science, Georgetown University
Ph.D. program in political science, University of Texas, Austin

Psychology majors

M.S. program in marketing, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore
Ph.D. program in social psychology, Stanford University
Program in clinical psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies
Ph.D. program in clinical psychology, University of Texas, Austin
Ph.D. program in social psychology, Northwestern University, Chicago

Religious studies majors

M.A. program in history of religions, University of Chicago
M.Div. program, Yale Divinity School
Ph.D. program in English, Cornell University

Sociology majors

Ph.D. program in sociology, University of Chicago
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. program in sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.A. program in sociology, Washington University

Studio art majors

M.F.A. program, Rhode Island School of Design
M.F.A. program, Stanford University
M.A. program in architecture, University of Virginia