The MSSC hires peer tutors during the fall and spring semesters in preparation for the following semester. Applications can be submitted via Handshake as soon as the position is advertised, typically during the final few weeks of the prior semester. Ask a faculty member to serve as your reference and let them know that an endorsement of your work is extremely helpful.

Hiring continues until all MSSC-supported courses are assigned a lead tutor. Once hired, tutors usually work until graduation and can change positions each semester as schedules and needs vary.

The MSSC employs both general and lead tutors. General tutors typically work two hours per week at the center and help in as many subject areas as possible, and competency in at least two subject areas is highly desirable. Lead tutors work up to 5 hours per week and are assigned to support a specific class and/or section. Their focus is on the students in that class, but they often assist in their other areas of knowledge as well.

The MSSC accepts peer tutor applications until all slots are filled. Register with Handshake and upload your resume for the MSSC position posting.

Lead Tutor Program

Lead tutors support a specific course, often attending course meetings to become reacquainted with the material and expectations of the instructor so that they can provide tailored help to students in the class.

Lead tutors facilitate communication between the instructor and the MSSC, serve as the primary tutor for that course and assist general tutors in helping students in that course. Lead tutors should be available to work at least two of the three evenings the MSSC is open each week and commit to a regular schedule with the addition of extra review sessions as needed. They are also encouraged to communicate regularly with the students that they tutor via email.

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