Kenyon will fully realize its mission into its third century by securing the College’s financial foundations, advancing equitable access, and stewarding our built and natural environment.

For each initiative listed below, Kenyon will undertake a series of actions. The following includes illustrative actions that are key to bringing the initiatives to life; this list is not exhaustive and others may be required.

Strong Financial Foundations

Kenyon will prepare itself to deliver on its ambitious mission over the next century and effectively navigate external economic uncertainty by rebuilding reserves depleted by the COVID-19 crisis and its related economic impacts and by growing the endowment.

• Rebuild operating reserve funds spent down during the pandemic.

• Develop new revenue that supports ongoing and new College operations.

• Prioritize endowment growth through philanthropy and management of payout rates and investment returns.

• Seize opportunities available in financial markets to refinance existing debt in the most cost-effective way.

Equitable Access

Kenyon will grow its capacity to meet the needs of the College’s future student body by strategically expanding financial aid and scholarships and limiting tuition increases.

• Continue to strategically invest in financial aid and scholarships, reimagining needs analysis, and limiting tuition rate increases.

• Invest in the development of faculty and staff to meet the needs of the evolving student body.

Environmental Stewardship

Kenyon will establish ecological resilience and environmental responsibility as hallmarks of the College by integrating environmental sustainability into its decision-making and the full range of College activities.

• Conserve and further develop high-carbon ecosystems such as forests and wetlands.

• Continue to implement changes to our built environment to meet our goal of carbon neutrality by 2040.