As part of our bicentennial, we’re partnering with Publishing Concepts Inc. to collect Kenyon stories. Many of the defining moments of Kenyon’s 200 years are reflected in our timeline, yet we know our alumni each have their own Kenyon story to tell. By sharing your story, you ensure that the rich history of Kenyon is preserved for generations to come. Whether it’s a professor who changed your life, the way you met your best friend or spouse or another memory that has stayed with you ... We want to hear it!

We’re also taking this opportunity to begin a comprehensive update of our alumni records. We want to stay in touch with you, especially throughout our bicentennial as we’ll continue to have exciting events and updates to share. Keep an eye on your email for more details.

Phone lines are open, share your Kenyon story by calling: 866-497-2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

PCI is a trusted partner who has worked with more than 250 colleges and universities to update contact information and produce oral history projects. 

Kenyon has worked with PCI in the past to provide printed alumni directories. In addition to our experiences with the company, we conducted peer reviews with colleges who have completed oral history projects through PCI and carefully evaluated data security protocols through our information team and consulted with legal counsel as part of our due diligence. 

It kicked off in January when phone lines opened for inbound calls. Outreach will continue through Reunion Weekend. We anticipate that apparel will be shipped in August 2024 and the oral history publication will be shipped in January 2025.

Kenyon has never conducted a large-scale oral history project and our bicentennial is a fitting moment to complete such an endeavor. Our hope is that this publication will chronicle the friendships, love, accomplishments and even struggles and tragedies that have defined life on the Hill over the last 60 years.  We want to hear, share and celebrate your story! Lastly, we want to complete a project with archival value that matches the magnitude of our bicentennial and one that will give future generations a glimpse into the lives of Kenyon students and the lasting impact of a Kenyon education.

Anything you’d like to share about your time at Kenyon! Some suggestions include: 

• First impressions

• Acts of generosity

• Kenyon’s campus

• Favorite professors

• Love stories

• Student life

• Career success

• Lifelong friendships

• Any other personal Kenyon story

Our focus is facilitating an oral history project as part of our bicentennial. Kenyon routinely does its own outreach for contact information updates on a rolling basis. That effort has been paused during this project. PCI has years of experience collecting both contact updates and oral history stories. We hope you will call to confirm your information and share a Kenyon story.

First the representative will ask you to verify or update your contact information. This will be shared back with Kenyon and not retained long-term by PCI. After confirming your contact information, they will ask you if you have a Kenyon story to share. We invite you to please think about this in advance. We have suggested story prompts, but you can share any story about your time at Kenyon. You will be asked for permission to record and share your story. Keep reading to understand how your story may be shared.

You will also have the opportunity to pre-order the finished product as well as Kenyon-branded bicentennial merchandise. You are under no obligation to make a purchase and it is not required to verify your contact information or share a story. Sales are between you and Publishing Concepts Inc.

Bicentennial apparel is also available through the Kenyon College Bookstore. 

While we prefer to collect stories over the phone as part of a conversation, we recognize that may not be possible or practical for all alumni. You can email to gain access to a web portal where you can update your contact information, provide a written story and view available merchandise. 

To allow for room for as many stories as possible, each entry has a limit of 2,000 characters. Your story will be shared back with you for editing and approval before any publication.

This is, first and foremost, a bicentennial project. The sales of the book and merchandise go directly to PCI as their fee for the project. The packages include an optional $25 gift to Kenyon to support scholarships and financial aid. 

After rigorously verifying data security protocols, Kenyon has provided PCI with the necessary data to complete this project, and only for this project. After fulfilling its contractual obligations, PCI will destroy all information that Kenyon provided. Kenyon will retain data updates, stories, audio recordings, and the copyright to the final publication. 

In addition to a printed publication of selected stories, almost all stories will be available digitally to subscribers. These services are only available through PCI and will only be available to Kenyon alumni. The oral history publication will not be available through the Kenyon Bookstore. Kenyon may use stories from the collection online or in print. 

Regrettably, we don’t have the resources to complete a project of this size internally. PCI has the resources and experience to collect thousands of stories and transcribe, edit and verify them with the submitters for publication. More than 450 stories were shared in just the first week of our launch. Kenyon will work closely with PCI on the finished book. There is no cost to the College to produce the publication, which is funded through sales of the book and related merchandise.

If you do not want to participate in the project, please email Colette Cosgrove, Kenyon advancement fellow, at You may also reach her by phone at 740 427-5153. Alternatively, you may email to opt out. 

Thank you for considering participating in this special opportunity.

Yes. Place and Purpose: Kenyon at 200 is available for pre-order now and will be available in April. Alumni written submissions were requested for this project last year. It is not an oral history. Rather, it celebrates the College's beautiful campus, extraordinary history and powerful sense of belonging.

Please contact Shawn Dailey P’24,’25, associate vice president of alumni and parent engagement & annual giving, at

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