Registered (Existing) Student Organization Requirements

In order to maintain active recognition status, student organizations must meet the following criteria annually:

  • Maintain good disciplinary and financial standing with the College.

  • Organization president (or similar) must attend a Student Leader meeting at the beginning of each semester.

  • Maintain the roster so it is reflective of the current membership of the organization.

  • Registered student organizations must have an advisor, who has to be a current faculty or staff employee of the college. Student organization advisors must attend one advisor training per academic year. Failure to do so will result in consequences for the student organization, not the advisor.

  • Student organization members and advisors must complete College assigned hazing prevention training.
  • The organization must fill out a Campus Contribution Form each semester describing their contribution to the overall campus community. Satisfactory completion will be at the discretion of the Office of Student Engagement and the Student Life Committee of Student Council. Types of campus contributions include:

    • An open, alcohol-free, campus event

    • A service to campus
    • A product of value (i.e. publication)
    • Other - will be reviewed by the Vice President for Student Life of Student Council and the Office of Student Engagement for approval

Failure to complete any of the above criteria will result in the following process:

  • One semester of non-compliance

    • Probation: Restricted from all organization activities, including but not limited to, advertising events, reserving space, and using any campus funding.
    • Completion of previously unmet requirements is necessary to regain good standing.
  • Two consecutive semesters of non-compliance

    • Inactive: Restricted from all organizational activities and access to campus accounts, including organization email, is revoked.
    • Organization leadership is required to attend a hearing of the Student Life Committee and present an action plan identifying the cause of non-compliance and strategies to avoid future issues. The Committee provides a recommendation regarding recognition status to the Student Council.
  • Three consecutive semesters of non-compliance

    • Loss of recognition: The organization is no longer recognized by the college and any organizational activity could be a violation of the Student Handbook.

    • Any effort to reinstate the organization should follow the processes for starting a new organization.