Kenyon Reservations

Kenyon Reservations is the official online reservation system for any space reservations at Kenyon College.

How to reserve a space:

  • Navigate to

  • Login with your Kenyon username and password

  • Select the date and time you are searching for a space, including the time needed for set-up and teardown by the organization

  • Select the space that best fits your needs

  • Complete the request form, including selecting the group requesting space

For more information about Kenyon Reservations, please visit the LBIS website for tutorials and additional instructions.

Maintenance and Catering Services

A/V (Sound Techs), Maintenance, and Catering can be added using Kenyon Reservations in the same request form. After you have selected the space and completed the required information, follow the pop-up prompt and select the button to "Add Services."

  • Sound Tech services are available only to registered student organizations.

  • Peirce Hall is a facility licensed to AVI and, as such, has the right of first refusal on any food event in Peirce Hall with the exception of Peirce Lounge and Peirce Pub. Peirce Lounge and Peirce Pub can utilize alternative catering options.

  • AVI Catering can be requested by clicking the button to "Add Services".

  • Pricing information for services (including Sound Techs, Maintenance, and AVI catering) are listed in the Kenyon Reservations system.