2020 - 21 Update: There will be many changes to housing practices and protocols during the 2020 - 21 academic year due to COVID-19. Contact the Office of Residential Life with any questions, and learn more about Kenyon's plans for the year at kenyon.edu/return.

Approved students may remain in on-campus housing over the summer, during breaks in the academic year and/or for special occasions such as Senior Week or Reunion Weekend.

A complete list of dates and deadlines for the current academic year and upcoming summer are included in the residential life calendar.

Summer Housing

In order to obtain permission to be on campus during the summer or to receive a housing assignment over the summer, students are required to carefully read all of the information below and submit a Summer Campus Housing Application.

Summer is a busy time on campus, and space for students wishing to remain on campus is limited. Maintenance Department staff use this time to repair and replace, paint, update and complete various projects. Many residence halls and apartments are booked for external conferences and other events. Only students who meet three requirements will be considered for campus housing over the summer:

  • Continuing (non-graduating) student status
  • Employer, academic department or other College employee sponsorship
  • At least one of the following:
    • Employed for a minimum of 25 hours per week by a campus business (such as Wiggin Street) or by the College (such as the Admissions Office or LBIS)
    • Senior Week/Commencement worker
    • Summer Science Scholar, Legal Scholar or other student conducting research or working on a project with a sponsoring faculty member
    • Employed by College Township Fire Department
    • Athlete participating in a special athletic event

Summer campus housing will be on a first come, first serve basis until all spaces are filled. Single rooms are limited and will be assigned based on availability.

Cost and Payment

All charges will be assessed on the renter's student account, and the student is responsible for all costs associated with housing. If a sponsor has agreed to pay the weekly housing fee, the sponsor will be billed instead; the student must communicate with their sponsor if they notice any unpaid charges. If a sponsor is paying for a student's summer campus housing, the sponsor will be billed for the amount of time for which they have agreed to pay; additional weeks will be charged to the student.

The cost of summer campus housing is $75 per week for a double room and $90 per week for a single/double as a single room. Rooms are only rented for a full week at a time and will not be pro-rated by the day. Students will not be credited for vacation time spent off campus. Students are required to pay their summer rent, which will be billed to their student account. These students may begin to pay off their bill through the Student Accounts Office or pay in one lump sum. Cash, checks or credit cards are accepted.

From mid-August, all students who are living on campus, and whose meals are not covered by an early arrival group or other campus sponsor, will be billed $219.54 ($19.57 per day) for an early arrival meal plan.

Billing for summer housing will occur weekly from May - August. Students working for the Commencement Office and/or Reunion Weekend will not be billed for housing this year. 

Because of the coordination of custodial services to clean and housing staff to reset living spaces, where applicable, it is important that students move into their next housing assignment by the listed mandatory date.

Summer Housing Conditions

Summer campus housing will contain bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, desk, chair, closet) and minimal living room furniture where applicable. Furniture should not be removed from the room or unit. Each apartment has its own bathroom. Acland/Morgan Apartments have a full oven/stove and refrigerator. New Apartments have a kitchenette (stove top and refrigerator.

Custodial service will not be provided during the summer. Students must dispose of garbage daily and keep their residential area clean and orderly. Students may use the online work order request system or email reslife@kenyon.edu to report any facility requests.

Students granted summer housing must agree to follow behavioral expectations, restrictions on guests and alcohol, and all official housing terms.

Students must move in and move out during the designated periods. During move-out, students must turn in their key(s) using the Express Check-out Form (found in Gund Commons). Contact reslife@kenyon.edu for more information. Please note that there are fines for improper moving out procedures and/or missing keys.

When moving out, students must leave the space in the same condition that they found it. Rooms should be cleaned, garbage removed, floor vacuumed/swept and furniture tops dusted.

Mail Service

Students should email knightm@kenyon.edu to request that their United States Postal Service PO Box mail not be forwarded to their home address (to continue receiving mail at their Gambier PO Box).

Food Service

Non-senior students on campus during Senior Week are not permitted to eat in the dining hall using their academic year meal plan; they are responsible for their own meals. Meals may be purchased from AVI with cash at the front register, or meal tickets may be purchased in advance by the student or their sponsor by contacting AVI. Please check with AVI for dates, times and prices. Food service is limited in the summer to when conference groups are on campus and only to those paying for meals.

From mid-August, all students living on campus, and whose meals are not covered by an early arrival group or other campus sponsor, will be billed $219.54 (or $19.57 per day) for an early arrival meal plan.

Responsibilities and Policies

Staying over the summer is a privilege. Given the limited staff presence on campus, it is up to each student to take full ownership over their housing, behavior, conduct and safety. 

  • Students may not have any overnight guests (non-Kenyon students as well as Kenyon students not staying for the summer) in their housing assignment for more than three days in a period of a month. Students are responsible for the conduct of any overnight guests and Student Handbook policies regarding guests apply during the summer.
  • Students are responsible for their own my behavior, and they must agree to comply with all expectations of the Student Handbook and the Office of Residential Life.
  • On-campus housing can be taken away if a student does not comply with all listed expectations. Students must live only in their housing assignment, and they may not live in an unauthorized location.
  • Campus Safety will have staff available 7 days per week and 24 hours a day to assist students in residence over the summer. To contact Campus Safety, call 740-427-5000. Campus Safety officers are available for escorts, emergency responses and car or parking concerns.
  • Summer CAs will also be available for assistance with work orders, roommate conflicts and other residential matters.
  • The Office of Residential Life will be available during most weekdays that the College is open for business from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed from 12 - 1 p.m.), to handle immediate concerns. To contact the Office of Residential Life, call 740-427-5142 or email reslife@kenyon.edu

Transition to Fall Housing

In early August, students living on campus must move from their summer housing assignment into their fall housing assignment. ALL students must be out of their summer locations by the designated date.

Early Fall Arrival

Residential spaces are transitioned to academic year housing assignments in mid-August. Students not approved to live on campus up until that date cannot move into their fall housing assignment early unless they are included on the list of early arrivals sponsored by a College department.

Break Housing

Halls will close at noon on the first Saturday of each break. Students not requesting break housing are required to vacate their residences by this time. Halls will re-open at 5 p.m. on the last Saturday of each break. 

Break housing is available for any student who needs to stay on campus during the time when the College is not open during the academic year. All residential spaces will remain accessible to students who complete the break housing application. 

Students who are unable to leave for the break, or must leave after the residence halls close or need to return prior to the official re-opening date must complete the break housing request form in the Residence system by 4:30 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the break period.

The dining hall is closed for all breaks. A meal stipend will be provided to students who are on campus for the entire break and meet financial qualifications. Students requesting a meal stipend must complete the break housing form by an earlier deadline.

There is currently no charge for break housing if the correct procedure is followed by the stipulated deadline. If the deadline has passed, students who wish to request break housing must complete a paper request form in the Office of Residential Life in Gund Commons (office hours: M-F 8:30 a.m. - noon and 1 - 4:30 p.m.). Late fees of $25 - $100 will be charged depending on the lateness of the request.

If the student has a travel conflict and would like to stay late in their room on the Saturday that the buildings close, they should fill out the form section LATE REQUEST ONLY - MUST VACATE ROOM BY 5 P.M.

Break housing is not included in the Kenyon housing contract. The College reserves the right to close break housing locations. If that becomes necessary, affected students will be notified immediately in order to provide the opportunity to make alternative plans.

All students on campus during a break are bound by Kenyon rules and regulations, and failure to adhere to these may result in the immediate loss of break housing.

Leaving for Break Protocol

Before leaving for a break, students should:

  • Empty all trash and remove all perishable food.
  • Empty all personal refrigerators and rental refrigerators of perishable items (refrigerators should remain plugged in).
  • Remove all electronics and other valuables from the floor of your room. Remove ALL clutter, trash, belongings, etc. from the floor.
  • Turn all College-installed blower fans and heating units to low and turn the thermostat to 72 degrees if possible. Do not turn heat off.
  • Unplug clocks, computers, stereos, etc. Remove batteries from alarm clocks so they do not sound.
  • Remove items placed in lounge refrigerators and return vacuums to their appropriate locations.
  • Remove personal belongings from community bathrooms.
  • Close all windows and blinds.
  • Turn off the lights and lock the room door when you leave, and remember to take your key and student ID card with you.
  • CAs will conduct health and safety inspections at noon on the Saturday of each closing day. They will not check inside closed refrigerators, closets or drawers.  

Personal Safety

Although Campus Safety continues to patrol during break periods, the College is not responsible for students' personal property. Please take necessary precautions:

  • Lock your room door and apartment/suite door at all times.
  • Walk with someone whenever possible or call for an escort (ext. 5000).
  • Call Campus Safety (740-427-5000) to report any suspicious people, concerns or problems.
  • A community advisor (CA) will be on duty to assist students living on campus during the break. To get in touch, call the break duty phone at 740-504-5856.

Additional Specialty Housing

Students may also remain on campus if they are approved to work during Senior Week, Commencement and/or Reunion Weekend. 

Senior Week

If approved, non-senior students wishing to stay on-campus only during Senior Week must stay in their current housing assignment. If this is not requested and approved, students must be completely moved out of their assignment on by noon on the designated day. Non-seniors may not attend Senior Week events. Students permitted to live on campus during Senior Week may not have overnight guests during that week.

Transition Housing

Students who will continue to live on campus during the summer must move into their transition housing assignment during a designated period of time. Summer Science Scholars may opt to stay in this transition housing assignment all summer or to move into Acland/Morgan Apartments.

Pre-Reunion and Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend is a Thursday - Sunday in late May (the two days before Reunion Weekend begins allows for spaces to be cleaned and prepared).