At the end of the spring semester, all non-graduating senior, junior, sophomore, and first-year students must be moved out by 12 p.m. on the designated Saturday in mid-May; an improper check-out fee of $150 will be assessed for any students who have not moved out by that time.

After the designated date, a fine of $100 per day (plus judicial action) will be assessed for anyone found on campus without written permission from the Office of Residential Life.

For graduating seniors, residences close at 7 p.m. on the Saturday of Commencement Weekend.

A complete list of dates and deadlines for the current academic year are included in the residential life calendar.

Packing, Cleaning and Storage

Students are advised to plan ahead and create a timeline for acquiring boxes, packing, cleaning and moving out — and for making over-the-summer storage arrangements if needed. Packing materials are available at Mount Vernon businesses (Walmart, Staples, etc.) and at the Kenyon College Bookstore.

Students will need to clean their room/apartment (including any shared common spaces). Some cleaning materials will be available in each residential area. Students should coordinate with their roommate(s) — additional cleaning charges or damages will be billed to all roommates unless an individual take responsibility.

Donation boxes, recycling facilities and dumpsters will be available in residential areas.

There are no on-campus summer storage options, but local off-campus options are available. Please note that all bicycles left on campus will be donated, sold or discarded. Students residing on campus over the summer must temporarily store their bicycles in their rooms to avoid confiscation.

Students should keep their PO box key if they are returning to campus in the fall. Graduating seniors should return their PO box key to the Gambier Post Office.

Check-out Options

Students can choose between two check-out processes.

Students can check out with their community advisor (CA) by signing up 24 hours in advance. When their check-out time arrives, the CA will assess and record the condition of the room and all College property to ensure that the room is in the same condition as it was when the student moved in; applicable damages will be noted. CAs are not the final decision-maker regarding charges.

Students who opt for this process may appeal any charges.

Students who wish to expedite the process may choose to use an express check-out packet, which includes an envelope for keys and a form to complete.

Packets can be picked up at the Office of Residential Life and must be returned to the office or designated drop box before each resident leaves campus. Students should lock their door before checking out and turning in their key.

Seniors can also drop off their packet at the College bookstore on the Saturday of Commencement Weekend.


Additional Information

• Return any dishes to Peirce Dining Hall.

• Cleanly remove stickers, adhesive tape, etc. from walls, doors, ceilings, mirrors and windows.

• Clean off any writing on doors, walls, desks, dressers or chairs, and wash all furniture surfaces — chairs, desks, dressers, window sills, etc.

• Place all furniture in its original place and condition. Un-bunk or un-loft all beds.

• Bring all trash to an outside dumpster. Do not sweep garbage into the hallway. Each resident will be billed for garbage or items left in the hallway, bathroom, or other common spaces if the responsible persons are unknown.

• Bring recycling items to hall recycling area.

• Clean out and wash garbage bins.

• Sweep room floor. No dust bunnies or dirt should be left behind or under furniture.

• Empty drawers and wipe out all dirt. If you have a rented micro-fridge, unplug, defrost and clean it, and leave it in the room for the company to retrieve.

• Remove all personal belongings.

• Turn out all lights.

• Close and lock windows and doors before leaving.

If rooms, hallways, bathrooms or common areas require maintenance work, students should let their community advisor (CA) know as early as possible. Some repairs can be made before move-out and students may avoid charges; if applicable, damages or fines will be assessed.

• On campus without permission: $100 per day, plus judicial action

• Improper or late check-out: $150

• Keys not returned: $150 minimum per key

• Additional room cleaning required: $50 min.

• Additional apartment cleaning required: $150 min.

• Missing trash can: $25 per item

• Missing desk chair: $100 per chair

• Missing furniture: $50 fine plus replacement cost ($150 min.)

• Trash removal fee: $50 per bag or item

• Personal furniture removal: $100 per item

• Adhesive cleaning or removal from wall: $25 min.

• Wall painting: $80 min. per standard wall

• Apartment common area painting: $500 min.

• Patching or painting over holes: $50 min.