Institutional Research supports academic departments and programs with data analysis and survey deployment in support of their external reviews.

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External Review and Assessment Surveys
Departments and programs administer surveys as part of ongoing assessment efforts, including writing self studies in preparation for external reviews. Below you can find resources for creating department and program surveys as well as summary results for past surveys. For information about the external review process, please contact the Associate Provosts' office. 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program External Review Survey. IRB #20120037, implemented September 2012, results late fall 2012 
Bio & Molecular Bio Summary Results.
Bio & Molecular Bio Summary Survey Instrument.

Women's and Gender Studies Program External Review Survey. IRB #20130024, implemented April 2013.
Women's and Gender Studies Survey Instrument.

International Studies Program External Review Survey. IRB #20130065, implemented November/December 2013.
International Studies Program Survey Instrument.

Classics Department External Review Survey. IRB #20130053, implemented November/December 2013. 
Classics Survey Instrument

Dance Drama Film External Review Survey. IRB #20140092
Dance Drama Film Summary Results.
Dance Drama Film Survey Instrument.

Studio Art External Review Survey. IRB #20140120. 
Studio Art Summary Results.
Studio Art Survey Instrument.

Art History External Review Survey. IRB #20150012
Art History Summary Results.
Art History Survey Instrument.

English External Review Survey. IRB #20150033
English Summary Results.
English Survey Instrument.

Economics Department External Review Survey.IRB #20160039
Economics Survey Instrument

History Department External Review Survey. IRB #20160041
History Survey Instrument

Physics Department External Review Survey. IRB #20160071
Physics Survey Instrument

Assessment Resources

One of the most difficult parts of creating an assessment can be finding the words to describe different learning goals. Bloom's taxonomy of learning from the 1950s is still a useful framework for giving us terms to guide assessment creation. Here are a few resources:

University of Arkansas's Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Write Effective Learning Objectives
University of Arkansas's Bloom's Taxonomy Verb Chart

Clemson's Bloom's Taxonomy Learning Objectives