Some families prefer to pay tuition and other fees in equal monthly installments during the year. Kenyon offers a plan, administered by Transact/Cashnet, that allows you to pay tuition in four equal monthly installments per semester.

Cost of plan

The payment plan costs $35 each semester.

Payment schedule

The payment schedule for the fall. 2023 semester begins July 1, 2023, with final payment due October 1, 2023. The spring 2024 semester plan begins November 1, 2023, with final payment due February 1, 2024. 


You can enroll for fall semester beginning June 1, with the first payment due July 1. The Spring semester plan will open October 1, with the first payment due November 1. Plan adjustments can be made after enrollment through the Student Accounts office, if necessary. 



Even though we credit the entire semester contract amount directly to the student's account, Kenyon only receives money from Transact/Cashnet as payment is received from students. As a result, contracts must be kept current.

All contracts, regardless of the date of enrollment, must be paid in full by October 1, 2023, (fall semester) and February 1, 2024 (spring semester). Contracts that are delinquent by two payments will be terminated by Transact/Cashnet, with late fees added to the balance due. Any portion of the unpaid contract balance previously credited to the student's Kenyon account will be charged back and is immediately due directly to Kenyon. Terminated accounts will also be assessed a 1.5% late payment penalty by the College.

For additional information you may contact Kenyon College Student Accounts at 740-427-5178, 740-427-5179 or Transact/Cashnet Smartpay Support at 1-800-339-8131.