Despite the pandemic, many of our usual Knox County partners are accepting visitors or in-person volunteers at this time. Volunteering in-person does present risk, but the risk of infection and severe illness may be significantly mitigated by careful adherence to masking, distancing, and regular symptom checks, especially for fully vaccinated students. In some cases, virtual volunteering and community engagement opportunities may also be available. Please contact the Office for Community Partnerships for more information about volunteering.

All in-person volunteer opportunities being arranged by a student organization must have their volunteer engagement approved by Mick Steiner, the director of student engagement, ( at least one week in advance. If College vans are needed for transportation, please contact Miracle Mahle ( Whether in a College or private vehicle, all individuals should be masked and windows should be open if possible.

All members of the Kenyon community are expected to adhere to the Kenyon COVID-19 guidelines when on and off campus. In particular, they should mask at all times indoors in the presence of other people. Depending on conditions on campus and in the local community, in-person volunteer opportunities may be limited or halted.

Please remember that when you are volunteering in the community you are a representative of Kenyon College and your attitudes and actions reflect on the entire Kenyon community. If you have any concerns about your volunteer experience or host site, please contact the Office for Community Partnerships.

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