F. Informal Resolution

The Informal Resolution process may only be pursued after a formal complaint has been filed. Informal Resolution will only occur with the voluntary, and written consent of both parties and the Title IX Coordinator. Informal Resolution is not permitted to resolve allegations that an employee (staff person or faculty member) engaged in Sexual Harassment - Title IX against a student. 

Prior to initiating an informal resolution, the Title IX Coordinator will issue each party a written notice disclosing:

  • the allegations;

  • the requirements and procedure of the informal resolution process; and

  • any consequences resulting from participating in the informal resolution process, including the records that will be maintained or could be shared.

At any time either party has the right to withdraw from the Informal Resolution process and resolve the formal complaint through a Formal Resolution. If the parties are not able to resolve the complaint through the Informal Resolution process, the complaint would be resolved through a Formal Resolution unless the complaint is withdrawn.

The Title IX Coordinator retains the discretion to determine the type of Informal Resolution that may be appropriate in a specific case and may refer a complaint to a Formal Resolution at any time. Informal Resolutions will typically be completed within 30 calendar days of the decision to engage in Informal Resolution. Informal Resolution agreements are signed by the parties and the Title IX Coordinator and are enforced by the College. 

When the respondent is a student, an Informal Resolution will only be recorded in the respondent’s student file in the Dean of Students Office and/or on the student’s transcript if the agreed-upon Resolution Agreement sanction includes disciplinary probation, suspension, or dismissal. When the respondent is an employee, a notation of the informal resolution will be made in the employee’s file maintained by the Office of Human Resources and/or the Provost’s Office. 

Violations of an Informal Resolution Agreement will be reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator and may be referred to a Formal Resolution or referred to the appropriate College official for further review and possible sanctioning.